Basic Courses


Jharokha is window type art work used in Mughal architecture. These are in different shapes. These impeccable pieces are attractive in design with superb pattern of work. This can be used as wall hanging

Air dry Clay

Air dry Clay Vegetable Making is a handmade work with qualitative materials.

3D Buddha Mural

3D Buddha Mural is easy to learn and is used for gift purpose also.


CANVAS ETCHING WORK - This particular type of Etching work once learned is useful for creating different design work on Canvas and used as home décor or in for office interior


POLYMER CLAY JEWELLRY - It is a learning of basic technique for making lightweight jewellery


3D Ganesha

3D Ganesha – A totally different methodology used for this art.

3D Wooden Mural

3D Wooden Mural – A very good mural technique which is useful for interior decoration of walls of home, office, hotels, resorts etc.

Ganesha Relief Work

Ganesha Relief Work – Intricate work of art using different techniques


Farmer sculpture - Once learned, it is easy for the person to do any of these type of sculpture work.

Mixed media work

Mixed media work – Different techniques of artwork is used for preparation of this art.

3D Glass Mural

3D Glass Mural – It’s a wall decor

3D Ceramic Mural

3D Ceramic Mural - A beautiful piece of handmade artwork made of ceramic clay